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An American Standard Heritage Hybrid™ comfort system provides you with everything you need to weather changes in utility costs.

By combining an electric heat pump with a natural gas furnace, you will not only save energy, but also get effective, efficient cooling in the summer months. Plus, for certain kinds of homes, an all-in-one Heritage Hybrid™ comfort system comes in a single cabinet that can be installed outdoors at ground level or possibly on your roof.


Efficient and Flexible Energy System

No matter what the weather report says, you can be confident that your American Standard Heritage Hybrid™ comfort system will operate in the most economical mode. For example, on a chilly evening, the electric heat pump switches on to keep your home comfortable, efficiently drawing heat from the outside air. When the weather turns cold overnight, and heating with natural gas becomes more efficient, the furnace takes over. Then if the temperature rises at midday, the heat pump will keep your home cozy and warm.

How Does A Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump doesn’t use up fuel making heat, it just moves it. In the summer it moves heat from the inside to the outside of your home, just like a standard central air conditioning system. In the winter, it functions like an air conditioner in reverse — harvesting heat from the outdoor air and moving it inside. The air outside may seem cold to you, but there’s actually heat in all air, and the heat pump collects it to keep your home comfortable. With the ability to both heat and cool, a heat pump is an economical choice for many climates. Combined with a furnace in an American Standard Heritage Hybrid™ comfort system, you have the ultimate flexibility for greater efficiency in all seasons.